Our Insights

  • The word ‘inflation’ has pretty much disappeared from today’s economic / investing discourse. Or, maybe it’s just being ignored.
  • In times of inflation, economic activity and peoples’ savings weaken as the cost of living goes up – a double assault on everyone’s standard of living.
  • The government encourages inflation through deficit spending and debt build up.
  • The U.S. dollar continues to benefit from being the reserve currency of the world, but that status and responsibility requires a high level of fiscal integrity.
  • The U.S. has thus far avoided the inflationary consequences of piling up huge public debt and quadrupling the money supply (quantitative easing) since the Great Recession of 2008.
  • Investors’ collective attention is being deflected away from hidden inflation, now just beginning to emerge.
  • Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) – today’s version of an economic perpetual motion machine is seriously flawed.
  • It remains important to protect your savings from inflation by including ‘real assets’ (that keep pace with inflation) in your portfolio.