Counsel Trust employs a technologically advanced software system called ‘Riskalyze’ that quantitatively and objectively pinpoints an investor’s risk tolerance and expected portfolio growth. The system shows the probable growth of a portfolio over any future time frame. This provides ‘sleep at night’ assurance that the portfolio is properly balanced with an appropriate asset allocation and a comfortable level of investment risk.

This interactive software enables ‘what if’ scenarios – how the asset size of the portfolio is likely to change under different plans for cash deposits and / or withdrawals over time. Essentially, Riskalyze is a powerful ‘Monte Carlo’ portfolio analysis system that quantitatively scrutinizes the portfolio, including each asset, for investement risk and return. This data is then scientifically applied to determine the investor’s unique and individual investment risk preference to build an appropriate portfolio meeting the investor’s growth and risk expectations with a 95% level of confidence.