In managing client portfolios, Counsel Trust employs the economic, asset allocation and investment research and guidance of Northern Trust.  Northern Trust has gained the reputation as a global leader in investment management and asset allocation, providing extensive tools to successfully manage wealth.  Below are Northern Trust articles detailing their latest market commentary and outlook:

Monthly Perspective:

“Fundamentally Driven” – September 2021

Quarterly Review:

“Gradually, Then Suddenly” – 3rd Quarter 2021 Review (Released October 2021)

Outlook and other relevant material:

“Diversification Can Sometimes Be Frustrating” – released October 2021

“Camp Transitory” – NT Investment Strategy Brief on Inflation – released September 2021

2022 Five-Year Capital Market Assumptions – released August 2021

Delta Pulse Check – NT Investment Strategy Brief on the Delta Variant – released August 2021

Leaders or Laggards? – NT Insights – July 2021

What to Do with the 40 – Managing Interest Rate Risk – February 2021

2021 Outlook: A V(accine)-Shaped Recovery – December 2020

Market Volatility and COVID-19 Material from Northern Trust:

“Stock Market Recovery” – Chart

“Time IN The Market, Not TIMING The Market” – Chart

“Diversification is Key” – Chart