Counsel Trust was built to serve advisors and their clients.

Trust administration requires specialized knowledge, systems and experience. You prefer focusing on what you do best – managing assets and tending to the financial and investment needs of your clients. Counsel Trust has the technology to link seamlessly with all major asset custodians, avoiding the necessity of transferring assets to a trust platform, assuring that you maintain your preferred custodial and trading arrangements.

When you work with Counsel Trust you enjoy:

  • Timely trust decision-making process including quick distribution decisions
  • A dedicated trust officer
  • The ability to retain your preferred custodian and trading platform
  • Control of the client relationship – you are the “quarterback”

Through  your relationship with Counsel Trust, you can offer your clients the modernized, statutorily superior advantages of Tennessee trust law, enabling you to serve your clients more deeply by offering:

  • Compounding, irrevocable trusts- free of state fiduciary income tax
  • ‘Self-settled’, creditor asset protected trusts
  • Perpetual (Dynasty) Trusts
  • Ability to name a Trust protector, a trusted family member of friend, familiar with grantor’s intent to oversee trust administration and protect the interests of beneficiaries
  • Ability to change the situs of a trust to take advantage of numerous ‘directed trust’ options and flexibilities
  • Ability to hold unorthodox or illiquid assets in trust such as real estate, closely held business, precious metals, art or concentrated positions
  • Estate Administration
  • Charitable trust, endowment and foundation investment management
  • Special needs trust management
  • Conservatorship / Guardianship management
  • Spousal and family trust management
  • Generation skipping trust management
  • Irrevocable trust management
  • Revocable living trust management