Counsel Trust Company
is an independently owned,

non-depository trust company established to provide private label and directed trustee services to outside investment advisory, accounting and legal firms.

When choosing a trust company, it is imperative for advisors to maintain investment trading and management efficiencies. Through the SEI system, Counsel Trust is able to work seamlessly with all major custodians. This ability allows advisors to work with Counsel Trust without interruption to client portfolio management.

Our corporate independence enables us to stay focused on our business model, free from competing organizational priorities that occur within larger banking and investment institutions. Flexibility and a quick decision-making process are hallmarks of our trust company. A dedicated administrative officer is assigned to each trust to ensure continuity of service.

Ever mindful of operating and overhead costs, we recognize that clients ultimately bear at least some of those costs. Larger organizations sometimes become burdened by costs that provide little benefit to clients. We leverage industry-leading advisory, software, and technical products/services for the benefit of our clients, and as a strategy to maintain independence.

Our team of principals, officers, and administrative support staff share directly in the successes of our company and are committed to delivering an exceptional client experience.